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Le Guin.

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We may immediately think of wizarding education in J. The series follows a young mage through the daunting task of bringing balance to the world of magic—a theme that American moviegoers are well aware of in The first installment, The Blade Itself , explores a broad, world-worn cast: a military officer, a barbarian, a man with magical properties and a torturer. Within his three novels, Abercrombie unravels a world through the eyes of deeply flawed characters, crafting more emotionally engaging stories as a result.

First Book in the Series: The Lies of Locke Lamora Description: The Gentleman Bastards, led by professional thief Locke Lamora, prove that gloriously three-dimensional characters can exist within a rich fantasy world, adding depth to the setting rather than existing in spite of it. With the Gentleman Bastard Sequence, Lynch reminds us that fantasy is an absolute joy to read.

Harry Potter by J. But forget the movies, the theme parks, the college Quidditch teams and the ubiquitous halloween costumes. It earned its place alongside the giants of the fantasy genre with gripping tales about the boy who lived. His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman.

But as Lyra attempts to liberate the multiverse from theological rule, His Dark Materials pulls off a monumental accomplishment: enchantment and provocation in equal turn. The Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss. And along with the strange and lyrical novella, The Slow Regard of Silent Things , there are no other books I would recommend more to someone wanting to dip their toe into fantasy waters.

The Lord of the Rings by J. Every location the Fellowship encountered possessed a rich history and language, showcasing songs and poetry and mythology that always spoke of more beyond the page. But it was the four simple hobbits, bravely facing a world far larger and darker than their home in the Shire, that made every strange encounter relatable. Fighting orcs and spiders and worse, there was a nobility inverse to their size and a struggle between good and evil that resonates 62 years later.

The Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman. Harry Potter was already for grown-ups.

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Despite its magical school setting, the series owed more to the wonder of C. Each book cares a little more deeply about its characters, who face the same struggles for meaning and purpose that the rest of us do. Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson. The action spans continents, dimensions and, oh yeah, millennia. Robust, intriguing systems of magic? Two or three. Add to this a fresh takes on elves, the undead, shapeshifters and dragons as well as the introduction of some new entries for the fantasy menagerie , along with a number of jaw-dropping battles over the course of the series, and you have an epic story that will leave even the most jaded fantasy reader awestruck.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson. The second series takes place years later, focusing on best friends living during an Industrial Revolution-like era. Sanderson plans to write two more series one in a modern, urban setting, the other in a futuristic, sci-fi setting , ensuring that Mistborn will appeal to readers of multiple genres. With a rich history and an original magic system that flourishes alongside the characters, Mistborn proves to be a landmark addition to the fantasy realm. Kylar exists within a gritty world where greed and elemental magic exist in equal measure. Thrust into a conflict of world-shattering significance, he must choose between tranquility or violence to protect the life he knows.

Weeks weaves realistic characters and a creative magic system into a narrative of epic scope, delivering a compelling trilogy that deserves its place among the best stories in fantasy. The Pendragon Cycle by Stephen R. An all-powerful, international organisation tasked with keeping the timeline straight.

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At all costs. Fun, friendly and just a bit bonkers. Join a department, go on jumps and live at St Mary's - virtually! It's a lot of fun, creative madness - join today! Facebook Twitter YouTube. Welcome to my world Doing Time. The first book in a brand new Time Police series. Brighton Afternoon Tea 4th April Learn more. The Spoiler group This group is for people who have read and wish to freely discuss Jodi Taylor's latest book s. The Chronicles of St Mary's Series.

The Frogmorton Farm Series. Regency Romances. Feedback from fans. One of my all time favorite time travel series - fun and touching, and well written - dive in!

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Jennifer Macaire. These are a good read. On 21 June , six days before the apocalypse, things in Winden have grown tense. An investigator, Clausen, arrives to assist Charlotte and the police force with their investigations in the disappearances, which now include Helge, Jonas and Ulrich. Katharina searches the cave for answers.

get link Martha breaks up with Bartosz, who is now working with Noah. The adult Jonas from the future makes his identity known to his mother, Hannah. Aleksander has his men move a truck of radioactive waste into the power plant.

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In , Mikkel struggles living his new life as Michael with Ines as his guardian. The old Claudia visits her younger self to inform her about time travel, giving her coordinates of a time machine buried in her backyard. Egon is now retired and suffering from advanced cancer, and doubts his actions regarding the dead children's bodies in He interviews Helge and goes to the local psychiatric facility to visit an old Ulrich, who spent 34 years in captivity after being mistakenly accused of murder.

Ulrich rebuffs Egon for his naivety. In , five days before the apocalypse, Clausen and Charlotte interview Regina, who is suffering from breast cancer.

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She discusses the Stranger who was at her hotel during the disappearances, and left his belongings, which included pages from Tannhaus' book. The newfound evidence makes Charlotte, who was raised by Tannhaus, question her origins. The adult Jonas informs Hannah about time travel and takes her to , where they find Mikkel in Ines' house.

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In , a young and disfigured Helge returns after being missing for seven months, but refuses to talk to anyone but Noah, with whom he spent the last seven months in building a new time machine. Doris cheats on her husband, Egon, with Agnes. The elderly Claudia later meets with Agnes, a former member of Sic Mundus.

Agnes meets with Noah, her brother, and tells him the location of the missing pages in hopes of rejoining Sic Mundus. Claudia visits her father's younger self and apologises to him, to his confusion.