Fairys Embrace (Paranormal Fantasy)

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I write the kind of stories I love to read, and I hope you love them, too. I have always been captivated by the idea of the magical inside of the ordinary. The Meadowsweet sisters were born special but it's not until recently they've come to understand just how special. I can't recommend this series enough. Books currently available. Read more The Wolf Princess Novella series is a companion novella series to The Dark Descendants series, which can be read in its own right or as additional stories of the Bathory Academy series.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a whole new world. Alternate World Fantasy takes readers on an adventure through a mysterious other world or worlds.

P. L. KURUP | paranormal romance and fairy tale romance author

Sometimes the story is contained within the alternate world completely and sometimes someone from our world crosses over to the other world. What if magic were real? The story presents the world as different from our own, but as completely ordinary to everyone in the story—unless the author employs the stranger in a strange land trope. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human characteristics to something else usually animals —language, clothing, housing, food, behaviors, relationships, thought processes. Anthropomorphism has very old roots as a literary device, often used to help convey a message or lesson, like in fables and fairy tales or other juvenile literature.

In fantasy we often see anthropomorphic animals as characters, who may even wield magic. Anthropomorphic characters may be protagonists or the companions of a human protagonist, but to really be a part of this sub-genre, they must be key players in the story.

Ring Around Dark Fairies' Carousel

The fantasy sub-genre is most often an adventurous one, big quests and even some swashbuckling. In an Arcanepunk Fantasy world magic and science coexist and shape the world—they are complements. Magic and science are interconnected and often used together. Magic is used widely and is continuously being developed, much like science.

In fact, in some Arcanepunk non-mages have access to magic, sometimes in the form of magitech. It is a bit noir, a bit broody. Looking for a dark story about what happens in the shadows? A bit of intrigue in a fantastical world? Just who is that hooded figure? Assassin Fantasy stories are character driven stories set in a grey world. The assassin character is an intriguing person that draws readers into their world—the assassin is highly skilled in dangerous arts, works in a morally reprehensibly or just grey profession, and has the potential to shape world events.

The assassin is a fascinating and disturbing character that makes a great hero, or anti-hero—a sympathetic villain perhaps—and weaves a complex story for readers to unravel. Indeed these shadowy figures are so intriguing they are often romanticized. A bit morbid, a bit comedic, a bit philosophical or theological , Bangsian Fantasy stories are a kind of thought experiment about the afterlife.

See a Problem?

The setting is most often in the afterlife, but the story can also take place in our own plane of existence with some ghosts hanging around. Bangsian characters are familiar ones; they are historical figures, famous fictional characters, or otherwise influential figures readers would be able to identify. The story itself is an exploration of the afterlife and is most often a comedic adventure. It is a sub-genre inspired by ancient Celtic legends and cultures—Irish, Welsh, Scottish.

As a result, the setting is usually a medieval or an ancient world. Recently though, Celtic themes are used in modern settings, like in Urban Fantasy. Themes for Celtic Fantasy are often related to religion Christianity and Paganism the most common and the natural world.

In a literal sense, this is a fantasy sub-genre for Christians. The religious elements can be deliberate and overt, but they can also be sub-textual and even allegorical. Fantasy often takes up myths, legends, and history—traditions and reinvents them in a magical and imaginative story. Christian Fantasy also draws on traditions, those of Christianity, and therefore offers a Christian world-view.

Fun, whimsical, benevolent, amusing, comedic, bumbling, ridiculous, ironic, loony—Comic Fantasy is all of these things. It is a sub-genre that is lighthearted and fun to read. It also has a metafictional tendency and its audience is usually fantasy fans because it makes fun of the tropes and conventions of the fantasy genre and other fantasy stories. Everything in a Comic Fantasy story is fair game: legendary sword, maybe, but it talks back and makes fun of the protagonist at every opportunity. Lots of fun to be had in this sub-genre!

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With a high level of complexity, Court Intrigue Fantasy is about power, relationships, secrets, and the conniving characters who make up the high court of the land. The royal castle is filled with important people, traditions, and rituals—a difficult place to navigate surely, but that is what makes this sub-genre interesting.

Fantasy Defined: Genres and Subgenres

There is much conflict, but not out in the open. Have you ever searched your closest for a doorway to a magical world? Crossworlds Fantasy appeals to the imaginative child in all of us, indeed there are many YA stories within this sub-genre. Crossworlds stories are most often an adventure built around the struggle between good and evil. The protagonist is usually from our world, or a world similar to ours, who finds a way to cross to another world and uses his or her unique skills to help vanquish evil.

Note: characters cross between worlds, not times.

Fae Chronicles series

Vance standardized a setting that was to become its own sub-genre, though Dying Earth stories predate Vance. Setting: Earth is dying, and often the Sun is also withering away. It is a setting of entropy, fatalism, failure, barrenness, ennui, exhaustion—not a happy place.

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  • As the world dies the laws of nature have changed, it is just one way the Earth has become unrecognizable. It is a sub-genre about the end of time—not about the aftermath of a catastrophic event—and a sense of melancholic reflection permeates the story. Strong sexual elements define this sub-genre.

    police-risk-management.com/order/cell/tuk-applicazione-per-localizzare.php However, it is difficult to pinpoint the scope of the genre—just how much sex and how much detail makes a fantasy story Erotic Fantasy? Erotic fiction deals with sex and sexual themes and is meant to arouse the reader. The Fantasy genre suspends reality, has an otherworldly setting, and is imaginative—it has few boundaries, which is beneficial to the telling of an erotic tale. With no boundaries and plenty of room for imagination, Erotic Fantasy definitely has the potential to stimulate readers.

    Fantasy of Manners is a fairly literary sub-genre with a wry tone.

    The wittiness is found in the dialogue, and also in the narration. A witty tongue, and manners themselves are used as weapons to negotiate the social structures of the world. The plot is fraught with tension, but the events are on a small scale—they are very important to characters but are not world changing, though the events do have effects socially. Indeed, the social aspects of the world are forefront in Fantasy of Manners—class position and hierarchy are very important.

    SILVER: A Sexy Shapeshifter Fairytale Romance

    The future does not belong to Science Fiction. In this sub-genre a story is set in the future, but draws on the traditions of the whole fantasy genre by incorporating and reinventing common tropes. The sub-genre is defined primarily by its time period—some point in the future. However, the sub-genre also has a certain atmosphere.