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Cartagena is a large beach resort city on the northern coast of Colombia in the Caribbean Coast Region. While in recent years many new skyscrapers have been constructed, Cartagena's colonial walled city with its amazing architecture, such as The Vaults that were originally built as dungeons and from the top of which the Caribbean Sea is visible.

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There is also the Castillo de San Felipe, a fortress built in by the Spanish for protection against pirates. Nearby coral reefs, powdery beaches, impressive mangroves, and waterways complement the historic and urban beauty. Manta is a major commercial and holiday resort centre and the second major port of Ecuador. Gathering momentum among tourists is the fact that this is the home of seeds of particular palms that are almost indistinguishable from ivory after they have been dried.

Buttons, jewellery, and small sculptures made from these seeds are quickly gaining in popularity.

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Guayaquil is located on the west bank of the Guayas River, which flows into the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of Guayaquil. Founded in the s, it is the largest and the most populous city in Ecuador, as well as the nation's main port.

One of the major highlights is to visit the transformed neighbourhood of Cerro Santa Ana, and climb its steps - flanked by colourful houses, eateries, gift shops and galleries - to take in the sweeping views from the top of Santa Ana Hill, the site of the city's birthplace. Salaverry, known as "The City of Eternal Spring" because of its very sunny and pleasant year-round weather, is the port for Trujillo as well as the second largest city in Peru.

It has numerous interesting archaeological sites of the Moche and Chimu civilizations, and has managed to retain much of its colonial flavour, as reflected in its historical city centre. Here are found not only the cathedral and city hall, but also numerous colonial mansions that have been preserved and are open to visitors.

The fronts of many of these buildings have distinctive wrought-iron grillwork and are painted in pastel colours. Lima, although a sprawling desert city, is the capital and largest city of Peru. The numerous churches are also popular as they date from the 16th and 17th centuries. These contain paintings from various schools of art and finely sculpted wood furnishings, as well as being connected by their subterranean catacombs.

Pisco lies on the Pacific coast of Peru, km south of the capital Lima. The small city is a gateway to the ruins of Machu Picchu, km due east high in the Andes. Pisco is served by the port of San Martin which is 35 km out of town on the Paracas Peninsula. Named after the liberator General San Martin, this area is significant in Peruvian history as the birthplace of Peru's struggle for independence.

About 2 km west of the port is the Candelabra geoglyph c. The seaside resort city of Arica in the north of Chile lies just 18 km south of the border with Peru. Known as the City of Eternal Spring - as it is sunny virtually every day of the year - it is located on the coast of the driest desert in the world. It has a great beach where visitors can enjoy the sun and take a swim. A tour or rental car enables visitors to explore the Green Uta valley that cuts through the desert, with water from rain and melting snow higher up in the Andes Mountains, and is also filled with the history and remains of ancient life.

Then there is La Serena, the capital of the region, with multiple attractions from architecture to beaches and shopping. Coquiimbo itself is a source of legends of hidden treasures, due to the fact that in the past centuries it was assaulted by pirates. San Antonio, Chile, is a Pacific port 63 km south of the port of Valparaiso. San Antonio is the largest freight handling port on the western coast of South America. The city lies on hills and coastal dunes north of the mouth of the Maipo River. It was seriously affected by earthquakes most recently in and The port connects to the capital Santiago km by a good road to the east; and to the heritage city of Valparaiso 62 km to the north.

Puerto Montt is a fast growing city in the south of Chile, just north of Chiloe Island. At the southern end of the Pan American highway in Chile, Puerto Montt is not only the end of the road, but the beginning of the fabled land of fjords, canals, islands, and the snow-capped mountains of the Andes. Fertile agricultural fields and green forested hills also add to the enchantment of Southern Chile. It is an all-season destination. Just a short drive away, and on a fine day, be astounded by the the volcanos Osorno, Calbuco, Puntiagudo, Yates, and the hill Tronador.

Also on offer are delightful horseback riding day trips. Ships anchor in the bay of Chacabuco and passengers are tendered to shore. This is a small isolated settlement with no clearly defined town centre, consisting of one main road, a fish processing facility, and a pier.

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It is the main port of the region and port of call for ships sailing to the Laguna San Rafael National Park. Local hire aircraft passengers offer sightseeing flights of the glacier-filled Laguna San Rafael National Park. Punta Arenas, overlooking the Strait of Magellan in southern Patagonia, Chile, bustles with windswept trekkers en route to glacier-filled Torres del Paine National Park or an Antarctic cruise. The city is also home to the former British Navy base and early Spanish colony of Puerto Hambre, and a popular ski centre that overlooks the Strait of Magellan.

Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city, is located on the Beagle Channel, where soaring mountains, ice-blue glaciers, and an historic lighthouse create an ideal backdrop. The capital of the Argentine province of Tierra del Fuego, it was first settled by British missionaries. During the first half of the 20th C the major building of the city was a prison, built by the Argentinian government for repeat offenders and serious criminals, as the subpolar oceanic climate made escape difficult.

It is a treasure trove of exhibits of Antarctic discovery and research. Today, Ushuaia is a key port for Antarctic tourists and research traffic. It is located on the isle of East Falkland, on a north-facing slope, south of Stanley Harbour, in one of the wettest parts of the islands. Information panels document the shipwrecks that surround Port Stanley. Punta del Este, known as the St.

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Tropez of Uruguay, is an upscale vacation spot on the southern-most tip of the country, just an hour and a half by car from Montevideo. Today this area is known worldwide as a very scenic resort area with great shopping, a temperate climate, and kilometres of beautiful beaches. Punta del Este also offers superb food at luxury hotels and restaurants. Add to this the aroma of local pine trees and simply start relaxing. Montevideo is the largest city, capital, and chief port of Uruguay.

Situated on the River Plate Silver River , it is also home to almost half of the nation's population, and subsequently is a modern metropolis, though with a fascinating historical old town dating back to colonial times. Described as a vibrant, eclectic place with a rich cultural life, it is the hub of commerce. The varied architecture reflects its history that ranges from colonial to Art Deco, all influenced by either Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French or British immigrants.

The birthplace of the tango, the city is as bustling with energy as the dance itself. Stroll neighbourhoods with romantic restaurants, past its architecture and parks.

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Cafe Tortoni dates from The Teatro Colon impresses as it did in This shopping capital offers premium retail therapy. Walk colonial cobblestoned streets to a tango show, learn about Eva Peron, or attend a musical festival. Rio Grande is the oldest city in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, and is one of the most important ports in Brazil.

The areas in the north of the state are characterised by the elevated plateau on which they lie. From this plateau, a number of low mountains stretch across the state, broken by the grassy plains of the west and the coastal zone of the east. This geographical diversity ensures that Rio Grande do Sul is home to a vast array of plant and animal life. It is also a place with a very fascinating history.

Known as the quaintest port on the Emerald Coast of Brazil, Porto Belo still maintains the look of an ancient fishing village to this day. However, Porto Belo was recently discovered by vacationing Brazilians drawn to its fabulous beaches, so that the surrounding waterfront communities are becoming larger and very popular. Porto Belo is a tender port. Your ship will anchor outside of Porto Belo and tender into Porto Belo's yacht harbour.

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The beaches are beautiful and with its tropical weather, the waters are warm year-round, and ideal for swimming, surfing, snorkelling and diving. It is a beehive of activity that offers an intense cultural experience. It is in fact a great city to explore, with its own idiosyncrasies, and the exquisite way of living of its inhabitants. Not to be overlooked are the world-class restaurants that offer a diverse regional and international cuisine to suit all tastes.

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Paraty is a Brazilian coastal town that lies on the border between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo states. First settled by the Portuguese in and then neglected for many years, this authentic colonial beach town is effectively an historical museum set in a tropical paradise surrounded by beaches and beautiful islands. Its old churches, and nearby forests, waterfalls, islands and emerald-green sea, attract lots of tourists interested in mixing cultural tourism in a natural setting. The town, having been neglected for many years, is home to many architecturally preserved colonial buildings with ornate details.

The island is largely undeveloped and noted for its scenic beauty, which includes tropical beaches, luxuriant vegetation and a rugged landscape. Ilha Grande is one of the most pristine remnants of Brazil's Atlantic rainforest, one of the richest ecosystems in the world, and a hotspot for biodiversity and conservation. The entire island is a protected area, with most of its territory included in Ilha Grande State Park, and the rest subject to stringent development restrictions. Buzios in Brazil is situated km NE of Rio de Janeiro, a small and sophisticated paradise that was popularised by legendary movie star Brigitte Bardot in the s, and her statue still graces the main street.


Today it is the haunt of the rich and famous of the world who flock to the city to enjoy the more than 20 stunning beaches in the vicinity. The peninsula is a sophisticated beach resort with a very active night life and fine restaurants. The expedition explores one of the last untamed areas on Earth — a land of ruggedly beautiful landscapes and amazingly varied wildlife. Anchoring in various spots around the region, the expedition offers the chance to hike, kayak, and dive in the iceberg-heavy waters. Including photo workshops with Massimo Bassano and video This expedition cruise passes through waters travelled by Humpback, Minke and Fin whales.

Anchoring in various spots around the region, the expedition offers the chance to hike, and The 'Classic Antarctic' route. This cruise delivers you to wondrous landscapes found in one of the harshest environments on Earth. The great star-actors of Antarctica are the penguins and in total seven species could appear before your very own eyes. This Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands cruise delivers you into a landscape of dark rugged rock, pure white snow, and a fantastic variety of wildlife.

Come say hello to whales, seals, and thousands of penguins. Including photography workshops with Massimo Bassano and Partners login My profile Sign in Register. English German Dutch Spanish. Visit Antarctica hub. Visit Arctic hub. All highlights.